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Monday, September 25, 2006

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Alzheimers health...time for a move

The mother in law recieved a 30 day notice to move out. I am not stupid, I know its a combination of things. The manager of the complex has been asking me every couple of months for the last couple of years if she can move from two bedroom apartment to one bedroom apartment. The manager of the complex knew she was one person, why two bedrooms when she has people wanting two bedroom apartments with families etc. I kept saying it would be too stressful for her, to move again. I would say she has the bedroom furniture in both rooms so what if she has a guest bedroom. There have been complaints against her just walking into apartments without knocking, my next door neighbor even told me this himself. I have been told by another person she does it to certain residences. Her neighbors keep complaining she is bugging them. People are complaining and telling the manager they are going to call the police. While I know there is some truth to some of the comments I don't know which are made up just to support the agena.

So the mother in law is moving in. We have told her she has alzheimers disease but she just acts like she didn't hear it. We have shown her the bedroom which she will be moving into only two minutes later not remembering it and wants to see it again. We have been trying to prepare her reminding her she is moving in but in her head she thinks its just an apartment trade.
One day the smallest child told her she has to move in cause she bothers her neighbors.
"I don't have neighbors!" Yes you do grandma and you bug them! so matter of factly. The spouse and I looked at each other with mouths open not realizing the little one hear these conversations. I removed my child from the mother in law as not to upset her further.

The children have anxiety over grandma moving in. I have to be stern with them. Nothing is changing for you. I am loosing my room and my space not you. Everyone has a bed but Mom so get over yourself. I tell them to think beyond themselves they have all their things, Mom has to give up all of her furniture and things for a sofa. The spouse keeps asking how I am doing with it all.

Whatever! Its not the first time in my life I had to sleep on a sofa. Its not the first time in my life I didn't have a place for my belongings and everything had to be put away.
Half a dozen times over the course of my life, I have learned its temporiary situation. Sometimes the temporiary situation is longer then others. It could be worse, I could have no sofa to sleep and have to sleep on the carpet, or in a van both I have done in my life as well. Its all about perspective and experience and the bottom line of family.

The mother in law is getting worse all the time. She even asked last week if dinosaurs are still alive. We asked her if she was serious in the question about Dinosaurs only for her to say yes she didn't know.
She has become affraid of the dark. Been wanting someone to escort her home as soon as she thinks its getting darker. Dark won't actually come for another hour or two. She needed to be escorted to her apartment 30 second walk away she said she has forgotten how to get there.

After 20 minutes she forgetts she has eaten. If there is any kind of snacks near where she sits all day, she hides getting into the bags. She does it sneaky like, when I tell her she can have the item, she denies she is getting into it even though she is chewing. If a person stops by for a moment then leave she says good night, its just after lunch. If she happens to leave after her lunch with us we have to go to her apartment to get her . She has been answering the door in her underwear , the children have been telling me and even I have seen it. This isn't like her but her sense of time is gone, so she thinks its bedtime.

Over the weekend we were at a hamburger joint, she had that look, that familiar old look the father in law had so many times. Mouth slightly open constantly, the look of dispare and anger as we walked from inside to outside the noise was too much for her. The spouse was inside and every 30 seconds for several minutes she asked if her son was ordering food. Yes he is inside ordering food. What is taking my son so long with the food. He is in line and then they have to cook it. Then she would put her hands under her glasses over her eyes and head bowed, only to go in circles again. She finally stopped when friend of the family came to the table outside with us.

I am having a difficult time finding a hospital or facility that takes insurance. Things have changed in the last four years. Its not as easy for me to do as it was for the father in law.
We are going to have too put special locks inside the doors, just as it was nessicary for the father in law. Oh well the entire family locked in the house at night, everyone should be sleeping so its not big deal. Just like what parents would do for a toddler to insure they don't leave the front door without knowledge, same thing!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Alzheimers health...car rides

Grandma hates it really hates it when the kids "tell on her" or call out her actions that are wrong. While in the car yesterday grandma was playing with the handle to the door. One of the children says don't play with that. She snapped at the child and said she has been in cars for years. Then the youngest pointed out from her seat that grandma was playing with the handle. I think, I am going to have to set the child protection lock to on for grandma's safety while in the backseat of the car.
We went to a pizza place that appearently only accepts cash and nothing else. I didn't have enough cash . The spouse asks his mother yeah can I borrow some money from you now and in 5 minutes I will stop at the ATM and give it back to you? She said yes, but went on and on how she doesn't have money. Even the youngest pointed out where she hides it and she was insisting she didn't have money. That is until we were committed to leave the parking lot. WE drove to an ATM got some cash for the stupid pizza. One of daughters was upset, and followed me around inside the house. I am not lieing! Grandma was counting her money and she has a lot of money. She was counting it when she said she didn't have any and put it away. I tried to tell her it was ok and to let it go.
It doesn't matter really. No matter how much cash we give grandma and she having up too 100 in cash she never has it and is poor and broke even five minutes after recieving . We all know grandma counts her cash at least every 15 minutes the entire time she is around us. In my book just leave grandma alone about cash matters.

Grandma is over nearly everyday for lunch. Myself or the children make her lunch and even give her a snack like cookies on the side. I have noticed something different recently. When she eats lunch such as a simple sandwich she takes 3 times as long to eat then at dinner. It's rather strange it takes her around 10 minutes to finish lunch. She takes a bite, looks around or watches tv, looks down takes a sip of soda thinks about something then the next bite. She really stretches out lunch experience. Its just a sandwhich, two peices of bread, little mayo, slice of cheese and a few peices of lunch meat. Yet by dinner she eats quickly its odd.

A couple times now when my oldest and I are conversing, grandma will get up from the sofa go to my daughter touch her on the shoulder and say things, like I was scared to leave my house cause all the bombs. Ok grandma, but we weren't talking about anything like war, thanks. Grandma goes back to where she was sitting.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

lower then the average bear body temp

I keep telling the nurses my normal body temp is 97.1 everytime, no one believes me until they take my temp. Not even my spouse believes me, he just thinks its all BS. The last two times I have gone to the speciality appointments they have given me my stats written on the reciept. I am not full of shit! A few days ago they did write down my body temp was 96.5. I am noticing my blood pressure stats down then usual. So like this morning I am feeling hot and sweety and my temp is 99.7 wouldn't that be a low fever given my normal resting body temp? Why is this so hard to believe...if can't trust the nurses instrumentation then what can I?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Alzheimers health...grandma and soccer practice

Soccer practice for one of the kids is twice a week. Grandma has now started yelling at any kid she sees in her limited vision "kick the ball" Go ahead kick it!!! Kick that Ball!!! Any soccer balls around us she says its ours and pick it up. Fortunately we sit far enough away from the kids practicing they don't hear her or just don't acknowledge her yelling.
She has started yelling at one of my children just about anytime she opens her mouth and it doesn't matter what it is. Yesterday she yelled at my child "I am going over your head" not even I understood the statement or the referance.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Alzheimers health...the pool and grandma

The mother in law can no longer handle pool time. The kids love to swim and have their pool time. While the mother in law "grandma" tries to watch it has been driving her crazy.
I don't want her to come out and see the kids swim, not because she is bothersome but to save her from herself. I can handle she treats me as if I am not at the pool watching the kids. She will sit right next to me off and on but like I am not even there. She won't speak a word to me...chop liver.

It's her actions and words that make me wanna protect her from her own mind. Normally I would get all over the kids asses, for tormenting her or anyone else about playing around of drowning but... There is nothing I can do.
The last 3 or 4 times around the pool grandma has been showing weird behaviors.
Once I just started counting, 10 seconds every 10 seconds for 25 minutes she kept sifting. She could not sit still for more then 10 seconds. She kept getting up and walking and sitting in every chair there was around the pool. Every two minutes she asked the kids where their older sister was. She would come to me and say she was too hot, go to the gate then turn around and find shade. The younger kids are used to asking the same questions over and over and just repeat the same answer as if the question was asked for the first time. She told the younger kids to get out of the pool and dry off. So they came to me, their towels at my feet, I just said get back in the pool. But grandma said get out, I know go ahead and swim. She yells at them to swim if they are just hanging out. Make them swim! They can take a break they don't have to swim constantly while in the pool, I say.

The last few times she is on there cases to come up for air. She gets on their cases don't swallow the water. She gets on their cases if she thinks they are taking too long to jump in for the first time. Oh my, it was every minute she yelled at my oldest to jump in. I know you can swim get in! Oh come on you can swim get in! It really bothers her if she doesn't see them constantly swimming. It really bothers her if they are under water more then 2 seconds.

The other day the two younger ones where playing with a quarter in the pool. They would toss it and the other person had to retrieve it. Unfrotunately the pool was especailly sparkling clean and they had problems seeing the quarter. In their play they would talk to each other about helping find the quarter. What a nasty and mean laugh the mother law would give them everytime they talked to each other about the quarter. Haha, meanly its long gone! The children would respond it's in the pool. They play and talk to each other about the quarter. Haha evil in sounding each time a response it was gone or stolen. She was very mean in sounding. Finally I told her to stop telling the kids the quarter is gone it is in the pool just as they been telling her. NO! it's not in the pool she demanding. Yes it is, they keep throwing it in. NO they have been looking for that quarter for three weeks. Dispite her anger I tried to keep calm and say again they just threw in the quarter and have been playing with it.
Ok fine I will just sit here and say nothing she replied, crossing her arms and pout on her face like a child.
Her evil and mean laugh, reminded me of the (pasted) father in law . He would have a laugh that was mean in tone too.

A neighbor said hi to her yesterday, she replied come in the gate is right over there, the kids are in the pool come watch them. The neighbor declined and gave a reason of too busy. I snickered she didn't hear me, I don't know just found it funny.

She is pacing around the pool more and more, it makes me nervous, very nervous. She might fall in, she does have problems walking from time to time. Sure she can swim but will she remember she can? Will she hurt herself in the process of falling in? She is fragile I would not be able to pull her up from me being on the outside of the pool, I would have to get in and help her to the side, or across the pool to the steps. Would she panic?
A lifetime ago I did get training and certification in lifesaving for pool. I can handle the situation if it were to come up, I better train my oldest in case, I am not there.

Friday, August 11, 2006

misc...the greatest man of my life

While my daughter was in the hospital for a week and half, my spouse gave me a gift. A special gift that has no value. A gift that I keep using.
One day we went to lunch he told me of a conversation he had with the oldest child. My teen is a typical teen and tries to disrespect me. Tries, doesn't always succeed.
He said what he thought of me. I was one of the strongest women he ever met. I am no spring chicken obviously, he is ten years my elder. He knows I have been through a lot. He doesn't know every story but enough.

A simple statement, can envoke such emotion, crazy. It was one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me.

The exception of health problems my life has been the easiest since he has been in it.
While there are some things that bug me, its trival to how things are overall.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Alzheimers health...It's huh time, huh, huh, huh,

The mother in law has started something new, a slight annoyance. Just when started to get used to her mumbling to herself and her saying "Oh I am just talking to myself" and not wanting to share what she was mumbling about she started something new.

It doesn't matter what is on the TV, after every sentence said, she says "HUH" after. She does this for hours. Whoa, it is annoying, but I say nothing. The other day even during the huh's she started talking to herself, I asked what she was saying. The show was talking about Hover Damn but she said "They are telling me about the WAR", I should have said nothing.
Noooo, I was stupid and said the show was actually about Hover Damn, I know better.

Yesterday she was fixated on the number 21. She was telling neighbors "21" no matter the story it was 21 years. 21 years at the same employment, 21 years of marriage, she was married at 21 everything was 21. I said nothing, it was clear, it had to be clear to the person she was talking too something didn't add up. I laugh now, not in front of her of course.